Your Best Options If You Lost Health Insurance Due To COVID-19

“First, the coronavirus pandemic took their jobs. Then, it wiped out their health insurance.” That’s a recent headline from a Washington Post article on the ongoing impact of the COVID crisis.

The article shares the gut-wrenching story of Gary Easley who lost his job as a hotel chef, then lost his health benefits, then got hit with a back-breaking bill after resorting to a local clinic for his medical care.

His story is incredibly important, because if you’re in a situation like Gary, you have options besides going to a clinic without insurance.

This pandemic is having an enormous impact on our lives, our health and our economy. But if you’ve lost your job or income due to the crisis there are ways that you can still find health coverage for you and your family. 

The Best Options You Have To Maintain Health Coverage

The most important thing to remember is you only have to enroll in one of these options within 60 days of job loss.

  1. Medicaid – the loss in income may qualify you for zero dollar premiums or very low premiums.
  2. ACA Marketplace Subsidies – losing your insurance due to the pandemic is considered a “qualifying life event” and your current situation may mean you qualify for subsidies that reduce the cost of ACA insurance.
  3. COBRA – This allows you to keep your current insurance, but you have to pay for the portion your employer was covering. This could make sense as an option if you have already hit your deductible.

What’s Best For Your Situation? Start With These Calculators

Medicaid eligibility and individual ACA subsidies vary state by state. Instead of reading through a laundry list of details, use these calculators to find out what your situation qualifies for and find the best option. 

To get the best subsidies possible, remember to re-calculate your yearly income for the remainder of 2020.

Check Your ACA Subsidies

Use this tool to see estimates of health insurance premiums and subsidies.

Kaiser Foundation ACA Subsidy Calculator

Check If You’re Eligible for Medicaid

Find out if you qualify for Medicaid based on your new income level.

Healthcare.gov Chip Calculator

Use HealthSherpa To Maximize Your ACA Subsidies And Enroll Online

HealthSherpa allows you to enroll online, and get help over the phone or via chat if you need it. 

HealthSherpa ACA Enrollment

Remember That You Have Options

Our mission at Uncovered is to help people understand their healthcare options—especially when it comes to challenging times like these. If you’ve lost health insurance due to the crisis, the tools we’ve recommended are the best, most trusted tools available to you that will help you continue to get the care you need and protect your family.

If you’re looking for more specific information about healthcare and COVID-19 testing, click here.

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