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Condition specific guides to find better care at a more affordable price. We update these guides constantly, and plan to add even more conditions soon. If you don't see your condition or have a suggestion, let us know what you've uncovered!

Acid Reflux (GERD)

Acid reflux is the reflux of acid from the stomach into the esophagus. The category of what is dubbed “acid reflux,” however, is much wider than that. See how to navigate this condition.

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Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints. There are more than 100 different types of arthritis but that doesn’t mean you can’t be in control. See how to save on this condition.

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Diabetes is a condition that occurs when your body can’t maintain stable blood sugar levels. Discover how to take control of the healthcare journey unique to Type 1 and Type 2.

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Hypertension, commonly referred to a high blood pressure, is a condition that is incredibly common in the United States. Learn how to get the upper hand on this disease.

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Skin Conditions

The skin is the largest organ of the body, totaling 22 square feet, give or take, on the average adult body. That leaves a lot of room for ailments that fall under the umbrella of “skin conditions.”

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Thyroid Issues

The thyroid is a gland which produces hormones that act like the body’s gas pedal—but when thyroid conditions arise it can make life incredibly difficult. Here’s how to take control.

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